Kasey Lee

Senior Conservator

Kasey Lee joined the Royal BC Museum in 2004 after working as a conservator at the Canadian Museum of Civilization, Glenbow Museum and Royal Saskatchewan Museum. She holds a BA in archaeology from the University of Calgary, a graduate diploma in collections management from the University of South Carolina, and a master of art conservation from Queen’s University.

Kasey has worked abroad on archaeological sites in the Middle East and Europe, and in many regions of Canada and the US. She has documented rock art in northern Saskatchewan and participated in underwater archaeological surveys in South Carolina.

At the Royal BC Museum, Kasey leads a team of specialists responsible for preserving the collections. The group also examines, analyzes and treats individual artifacts, specimens and records prior to their acquisition and use in research, exhibitions and loans.

Kasey led the museum’s transition to digitized conservation documentation and photography. She manages an active program of preventive conservation, including staff and volunteer training, risk assessment, pest control and environmental monitoring.


BA, Archaeology, University of Calgary

Graduate Diploma, Collections Management, University of South Carolina

Master of Art Conservation, Queen’s University.

Areas of Interest

Archaeological and ethnographic materials conservation

Preventive conservation

Risk management

Conservation education

Contact Kasey Lee

Email: klee@royalbcmuseum.bc.ca

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