Shane Lighter

Photographer and Digital Imaging Technician

I graduated from Algonquin College’s Photography program in 2003, just as digital photography was beginning to take over. In fact, our class was the last to learn colour darkroom techniques. I fell into the program kind of by accident, having always planned on pursuing a career in music production. But when looking to move to Ottawa, I could find little in the way of a good recording education, and so decided to take Photography…it had class names like Optics and Sensitometry. And by chance I discovered a world of artistic expression that I was completely unaware of, a way of producing visual art without needing to draw a thing.

After college I went on to pursue a degree in Psychology at Nipissing University for some reason. I’m still not really sure why. It was okay.

I managed to stay employed in the photographic industry in one way or another (usually another) throughout all this time, often at photo labs and print shops. And I’ve never shot a wedding. Nevertheless, I always remained an avid and active photographer.

I’ve been at the Royal BC Museum since 2012, and I truly enjoy my job here. The photography is technical, accurate and yet still allows for creative expression. And I’ve still never had to shoot a wedding.


Photography Diploma, Algonquin College

BA Psychology, Nipissing University

Areas of Interest

Photography, Music, Art, Science, Philosophy, My Child, Mountains, Being Outside, Evolution, Food, Nature, Happiness

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