Dave Stewart

Director of IMIT and Digital Experience

I tend to switch careers every five to seven years. What does this say about me, or my choices? I'm not sure, but since joining the Royal BC Museum I'm beginning to wonder if this is the apex, the narrowing point. All previous paths have led me here. Previous paths include a seven-year haul as a tree planter throughout the province's back country, another seven-year stretch as a web firm entrepreneur in the middle of the dot-com bust, and a five-year stint as a sustainability manager shortly after carbon neutrality became a reality in BC—the first jurisdiction in North American to do so. And now I'm here where my interests in the arts and our natural environment are combined into a single knowledge mandate. I feel like I've arrived in a good place.


Language and literature bachelor's, University of Windsor

Post-secondary information technology diploma, University of Victoria

Areas of Interest

Storytelling, story listening, visuals arts in all forms (painting, photography, illustration, industrial design, film, video), exploring the natural world, and of course making all of these things more accessible through web technology.

Contact Dave Stewart

Email: dstewart@royalbcmuseum.bc.ca