Bill Chimko

Risk, Security Services & Business Continuity Manager

Bill Chimko has been a risk and physical security specialist for the past 20 years, and currently has the unique pleasure of serving as the Manager of Risk, Security Services and Business Continuity at the Royal BC Museum for the past 15 years. Prior to this as a security consultant, Bill conducted numerous threat/risk and CPTED assessments for universities, cultural institutions, private businesses, and the property management sector.

In his current capacity, Bill enjoys the opportunity to lead an incredibly talented security team while developing and implementing unique risk strategies and technical systems to safely protect our staff and visitors, the exhibitions, and collections of our province and around the world, including such iconic objects as John Lennon’s Rolls Royce, the Million Dollar Gold Coin, and even a baby Siberian Mammoth. Never boring!

As part of this critical role, Bill also manages the museum’s risk, insurance, emergency preparedness, and business continuity programs, and shares his unique insight at and emergency preparedness conferences and risk workshops across the province.

An analytical and philosophical animal crusader and cat person, Bill can often be found in his studio creating original music, studying physics and astronomy, or continually saying he’ll get back on his bike or kayak.