For a similar project as the Big Chief case, we were asked to photograph the Petroglyph walls in the First Peoples Totem gallery. Again, these images needed to be high resolution and hopefully able to be stitched together to form one massive mural.

    The challenge here wasn’t only the height of the petroglyph wall, but also lighting it properly. Our original plan was to use flash lighting to fill in the shadow areas, however we found that simply using the modeling lamps from the flash heads provided enough light, as well being better balanced with the existing lighting within the gallery. We used a hand-cranked Genie lift to Carlo level to the wall and a modified boom stand to get the lighting in place (see photos above). And thus we moved across each wall, moving lights and the Genie lift for each new section. Because of the space needed and the intrusion to the gallery, this once again became a night job.

    You can see one of the finished panels below.



    Totem Gallery Petroglyphs

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