Doing some last minute shopping on Christmas Eve?  If you were in Ocean Falls in 1963, you would probably visit the Hudson’s Bay Company store.  There you would find delicious Christmassy food, stop by the drugstore to buy a ponytail extension and then visit Toyland for the kiddies.  These photographs are from MS-2173, “A History of Ocean Falls in pictures”

    HBC1 HBC3 HBC2


    Maybe you’ve got some activities planned with the children…you can make a snowman and attend a Christmas party at the school.  These photographs are from the Harry Jomini fonds, PR-2291.  They show the temporary camp at Nechako which was built to house the Kenney Dam workers and their families between 1951 and 1954.

    Nparty Nsnowman

    Speaking of snowmen, here are some snow sculptures from Winterfest in Kimberley, BC.  You can see that the Kimberley people also had the choice of shopping at Eaton’s (remember Eaton’s?).  These photographs were taken by a BC Government photographer for Beautiful British Columbia magazine in 1976 and are part of GR-3265.

    I-08424 and I-08425

    Kim1 Kim2

    And sometimes just getting together for drinks is celebration enough.  This photograph is from 1903 and was taken at Deep Lead Camp, Slough Creek in the Cariboo district



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