Sometimes an explanation is needed to fully appreciate the ingenuity of the engineers who provide bridges in the province.

    This photograph is from GR-3293, file AAAAE2160 from container 000705-0013.  The file is merely marked 26-2-2 “Crown Mountain suspension footbridge (Pemberton Meadows).”  There is no date but I think it was taken around 1925.

    If the file only contained the photograph, we might not pay too much attention, but the accompanying note from O.W. Smith provides some interesting information.  This is a temporary footbridge created each winter by using the reaction ferry cable.  I personally can’t imagine actually walking over this bridge, especially with a bag of groceries in one hand and a small child in the other, but no doubt the residents got a lot of use out of this unique footbridge.


    Katy Hughes

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