Imagine producing crushed rock for roads and other public works before the machine age…

    J.P. Campbell, General Foreman for Islands and Saanich district shows his appreciation for machinery in the 1925 annual report.  First he notes that “an air-compressor and rock-crusher were installed at North Saanich and are giving entire satisfaction and producing crushed rock at a low cost.”  Near the end of his short report, which covers public works activities in his district, he states “I would like to emphasize the fact that to the modern machinery engaged is due a very large percentage of efficiency obtained.”

    And it’s no surprise when you see the size of the rocks they were dealing with.

    In GR-3293, file AAAD3058 you can see the following photographs:

    1-32-1.1 Quarry East Saanich Road April 1925

    1-32-1.2 Rock Quarry East Saanich Road April 1925


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