British Palestine Letterhead

    Letterheads are a wonderful snapshot into the history of businesses and governments as they evolve over time. Stagecoaches, Telephone companies, Government offices all used letterheads to identify or promote themselves.

    For a short time, between the end of the Ottoman Empire and the beginning of the State of Israel, The British ruled Palestine.

    This image is from a probate file from that era.

    Paul Petschek  lived in Cloverdale, BC.

    He died in the Oak Bay Beach Hotel in 1946.

    Part of his estate included a bank account in Palestine which required that his estate needed to be resealed in that jurisdiction.


    Palestine resealing of probate

    Because British ruled Palestine occurred for only a brief time, and there appears to be little interaction between it and BC during that time, it would be rare to locate a document such as this.


    Other notes of interest

    Part of the estate included a bank account in Jerusalem from Jacob Japhet & Company. This document explains some of the history behind this Company.


    GR-2215 Probate 11620 Probate Inventory

    Presumably S. Japhet and Company from London was a related company. This document mentions this company throughout the document (see Pages 9 and 10).


    I would be interested to know what happened to these banks. Please contact me at @rbcmexplorer if you have any additional information.

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