Derek Larson

Collections Manager and Researcher, Palaeontology

Derek Larson is the Collections Manager and Researcher in Palaeontology at the Royal BC Museum. He started with the museum in September 2020. Before that, he was the Assistant Curator of the Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum in Wembley, Alberta. Prior to that, he was a PhD candidate at the University of Toronto.

Derek oversees the ~100,000 specimens in the Palaeontology collection, which contains fossil vertebrates, invertebrates, and plants. He facilitates access to the collection for external researchers, catalogues new specimens coming into the collection, and currently focuses on enacting the Palaeontology Prep, Pack, and Move plan to get the collection ready for the move to the new Collections and Research Building. His research interests include a variety of vertebrate projects, but he is currently working on the descriptions of several new fossil turtles from the Cretaceous of BC.