The Webster! Show on BCTV had several opening sequences through its nine season run.

    The longest running version seems to tell a story:

    Our intrepid reporter meets his long suffering assistant, Brian Coxford, to do a little bit of ambulance chasing. Having collected the film crew they head to the scene, and then visit the hospital to interview the victim and the people that saved his life.

    Thanks to a visual cue and the information from a very helpful person, the scene can now be set.

    The 1980 season added this master shot at the end of the intro.


    Here is the screen grab:


    Webster is standing on the corner of Hornby and Georgia.

    Here is the discussion of the “tip” The Vancouver Art Gallery grounds are in the background.


    And off they go to the scene of the accident.

    Where the scene is set:

    AAAA6972_scene set

    The police control the scene.


    The patient is treated.


    And taken away.


    Afterwards, Webster interviews various people at the hospital.


    But Where Oh Where was the scene of the accident?

    My thanks to Greg Firth of Redden Net Custom Nets Limited who helped clarify things:

    “Hi Bruno

    Yes that is at 1638 W. third what you see in the background is the truck with the logo on it.

    Best regards

    Greg Firth”

    He writes later

    “That was Redden Net head office at that time. Truck was parked in the loading bay.”

    The loading bay clue was the final piece of the puzzle.

    Vancouver is renowned for its alleyways. The scene of the accident was not on West Third, it was in the alley between Third and Fourth!

    And now, the present day scene.

    Where the scene is set.

    AAAA6972_scene set_GM

    Click to view present day scene

    The police control the scene.


    Click to view present day scene

    The patient is treated.


    Click to view present day scene

    And taken away.


    Click to view present day scene

    My Thanks again to Greg Firth.

    According to Elisa Newton, another helpful person at this company, Redden Net has now expanded to three companies:

    Redden Net & Rope Ltd.

    Redden Net Custom Nets Ltd. (Vancouver)

    Redden Net Custom Nets Ltd. (Vancouver Island)

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