Kelly Sendall

Head of Collections Care and Conservation

Kelly Sendall began working with the Royal BC Museum as a summer volunteer in 1982 while finishing his undergraduate degree in zoology at the University of Victoria. After graduating, Kelly continued to volunteer with the Natural History department and was hired as collection manager for Invertebrates, Fish and Herpetology in 1991.

While in that position Kelly started an MSc in zoology/systematics in 2002, also from the University of Victoria, and was promoted to senior collections manager for Invertebrates, Fish, and Herpetology. In 2006 he completed his MSc in zoology, revising the classification of a family of polychaetes (bristle worms). In 2007 Kelly became the Manager for the Natural History Department.

Now, as head of Collections Care and Conservation, Kelly is responsible for all the Royal BC Museum’s collections. His department includes collection managers, the Conservation department and Registration, which accounts for and keeps track of all the museum’s collections. Kelly is responsible for collections development, care and handling, as well as access, both on site and online.


BSc, Zoology, University of Victoria

MSc, Zoology/Systematics, University of Victoria

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