Chantaal Ryane

Digital Access Technician

I joined the Royal BC Museum in 2010 as an access technician for BC Archives. I come from a library background, having worked in school and post-secondary libraries. My first experience in the archives was in the reference room.

Early in 2016, I moved to the position of digital access technician in Archives, Access and Digital, where I am responsible for increasing and improving digital access to our collections. I get to work on all manner of projects and digital initiatives, using a variety of software applications. I coordinate small imaging projects, upload digital images and make corrections to descriptions in Access to Memory, popularly known as AtoM, a web application for archival description and public access. In general, I can be found doing anything that will improve access to our collections. There is never a boring day!


Library technician certificate, Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Arts and Sciences, 1983

BA (English/history), University of Victoria, 1989

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