In 1886, The Museum was established to preserve BC’s natural history and to keep “Indian Antiquities” (as they were called) from leaving the province. In 2017, more than 125 years on, the Royal BC Museum will draw on private and public collections worldwide to hold a major exhibition that reunites BC’s cultural heritage for British Columbians. This unique display of First Nations material will mark BC’s distinct place in Canada’s 150 year festivities. The exhibition will boldly affirm the museum’s new approach.

    From an innovative display on First Nations Languages opening in 2014 to more appealing redesigned buildings, the Museum wants culture to be a cause for celebration. Improved digital platforms and national partnerships will extend that cultural reach even further. The Royal BC Museum in 2017 will be a refreshed  modern museum. We will advance knowledge about BC though our collections, presentations, expertise and partnerships. Bigger thinking, better design, bolder ambitions – these will mark what we do for the benefit of the society and economy of British Columbia.

    Read the full Vision 2017 document here:


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